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Vulcan Information Packaging

About The Application

How The Application was done

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Design Process

It was working together and brainstorming ideas that led to our final graphic designs and embellishment ideas. Dominic Zaidan collaborated with Linzy Cleckler on designs and consulted with Frank Deiuliis, our lead MGI operator, to ensure success. It is essential to have an open line of communication with one’s print and embellishment provider. This positive interchange of ideas and techniques leads to successful products and eliminates production issues.
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Print Preperation

File preparation in pre-press can make or break any project. Attention to detail is critical. We’ve learned to pay close attention to the specific requirements of file preparation for digital embellishment on the MGI. In addition, MGI lead operators Frank Deiuliis and Mike Allen informed our file tweaking, which played an essential role in making the project a success.
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Effects Used

Digital CMYK printing (KM-1).
Digital foil: gold, red, silver, clear holographic.
Digital layered foil: red on gold.
Digital flat 2-D and raised 3-D varnish
Digital sculpted multi-layer varnish.
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Application Costings

Essentially, every box in this package is a separate and complex project on its own. There are four unique box styles, plus a custom insert, all with exotic printing and embellishment techniques. While replicating this multi-layered box format would be expensive, the message is clear; great style and decoration can add unique appeal and differentiation.