Ask Me Anything with Tony Rouse  
of Team Concept Printing

Tony Rouse from Team Concept Printing

Recently, our friends at Konica Minolta had a great idea, why not run a live interview with our customers and have questions live streamed from the internet where we could ask ANYTHING.  Thus was born the MGI/KM AMA (ask me anything).

Our first AMA was with printer extraordinary Tony Rouse from Team Concept Printing located near Chicago.

What came out was an honest and fair portrait of a printer, who explains everything from how he got into printing to why he is betting on digital embellishment, and how he is navigating COVID while simultaneously installing a multi-million dollar litho press.

I love how this man thinks, especially the aggressive moves he is making during a crisis like COVID.

As Sun-Tzu would say in the Art of War, “In the midst of Chaos, there is also opportunity”.

Keep up the good fight against boring print Mr. Rouse


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