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Making Things Happen

There is a new force emerging in the world and this is a force for good, a force for change, innovation and creativity.  

Its name is JetPro. 

Printing, marketing, communications and manufacturing is being fundamentally transformed by technology. Print and packaging products can now be inkjet embellished with 3D textured inks and varnishes to create new dynamic sensory experiences. The future is embracing the manufacture of 3D inkjet printed objects and interactive packaging with printed electronics. We are disrupting mainstream markets by creating new, exciting and profitable applications.

At JetPro, we believe there are three types of people in the world:

- Those that make things happen
- Those that watch things happen
- Those that say what happened

JetPro is an alliance of doers and believers who make things happen! We are bored with yesterday and focused only on tomorrow, where we can harness new technology to create remarkable ideas for sustained growth and profit.  Our mission is to celebrate print and packaging through the marriage of design, typography, substrates and the art of using the latest inkjet printing and embellishment techniques.  

We want to inspire and motivate designers, agencies and brands to exploit the potential of Inkjet, explore exciting new opportunities and find ways to fall back in love with the new world of print.  

Building a Culture of Change and Success

The Power of the Alliance

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A positive story about the future of print

The JetPros showcase their creativity and skills, celebrating innovation and focusing on the critical importance of print in the marketing mix.
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A platform for sharing

Alliance members think differently. By sharing their print application examples, it pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and raises their own profile in the process.  
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A change is in motion

In a world of commodity products and a race to the lowest prices, The Alliance is heading in the opposite direction. We rebel against boring print and focus on high-end creative solutions.
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An opportunity to grow

Good relationships and trust are the cornerstones for growth. The Alliance is taking their positive print message to agencies and brands to inspire and create new growth opportunities in print.

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